15 Life Hacks To Help Cope With Your Arthritis 

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15 Life Hacks To Help Cope With Your Arthritis 

– Household Life Hacks –

Cleaning and organizational shortcuts that can help you save time and energy.

“I transfer all of my larger containers, such as laundry soap, in to smaller containers. It is not as heavy to carry and much easier on my joints.”
– Brenda Kleinsasser


“I always put my dishes in the sink to soak them while I make my morning coffee. By the time I’m ready and come back downstairs, the job is practically done!”
– Gillian Pidler


“We try use paper plates sometimes so I don’t have to do as many dishes.”
– Sarah Conway


“Having a small cart to take around the house with my cleaning products helps.”
– Penny Hackman


Arthritis Life Hacks


– Pain Relief Hacks-

These at-home tricks are great to help calm your pain in a pinch.

“Rice sock: I take an extra large men’s thick winter sock, fill it with rice and tie it at the top. Then I heat it in the microwave for 2-3 mins. Perfect for around the neck, legs, arms, lower back or anywhere. I find it’s a better, deeper heat.”
– Kim Key


“I put a heating pad or throw blanket in every room I relax in. This avoids using excess energy to carry around the throw in winter and saves my back from bending to unplug/plug it in when I’m going from one room to another.”
– Stacey Howe

– Cooking Life Hacks –

Preparation is key!

“A great everyday hack is using pre-cut parchment paper to line your baking dishes. It makes cleanup so much easier and it enhances most cooking. Given my very particular nutritional needs, I cook simple, pure foods from scratch everyday and this is such a time and energy saver.”
– Jody Moody


“I’m thankful for the crock pot. It makes meal prep a breeze and saves energy. Just dump in your ingredients, turn it on, and sit back down.”
– Lana McNary


“My hack is to always purchase and prepare more food than necessary. This way, when I cook, I cook extra and then plan leftovers to have available for my most painful days.”
– Megan Bouge

– Everyday Life Hacks –

Tips that’ll make you wonder “why didn’t I think of this before?!”

“I bring a collapsible back scratcher everywhere I go; from pulling car door close enough to shut, to reaching items on shelves in stores and to batting things on floor out of my way, this tool helps make everyday just a bit easier.”
– Debra Walker Kincaid


“I always have my cane in my car just in case my hips give out. I carry my ankle, knee, wrist braces in my purse. I pack an extra pair of shoes. I wear comfortable clothes and I prepare items to be near me in case I suddenly can’t walk or move.”
– Aimee Espinoza


“I use a chip bag clip on my shoulder belt in my car to keep it from fully retracting. With my torn rotator cuffs and a stiff neck, it is difficult for me to reach across and pull over my belt, so I clip the bag clip on it so it does not fully retract, making it easier for me to buckle up. It’s simple but has been a huge saver for my neck and shoulders.”
– Holly Nelson Jeppensen


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