16 Mocktails That Are Perfect for the Holidays

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16 Mocktails That Are Perfect for the Holidays


During the holidays you don’t need to rely on alcohol to have fun!

It’s not uncommon to find many boozy offerings at holiday celebrations, but it is uncommon to find non-alcoholic alternatives. When things like rum-spiked eggnog and piping hot mulled wine are considered the reason for the season, mocktails (that’s mock-cocktails, in case you’re wondering) tend to fall by the wayside.

As much as I enjoy seasonal boozy drinks, the holidays last kind of a long time, and there’s only so much alcohol I can handle before I start to wish I had other options. But when I want to take a break, soda and water are all I can usually find in the way of non-alcoholic alternatives, which aren’t exactly festive if you ask me.

If you’re hosting a holiday party this year, consider serving some of these 16 delicious and creative mocktails. They include all the seasonal classics you know and love, like hot toddys, buttered rum, and apple cider, minus the alcohol of course. They’re perfect for any guests you may have that can’t imbibe for whatever reason, as well as the ones who just need a break from all the drinking that comes with the holidays. Not to mention, they can all easily be spiked. If you want, you don’t even have to serve cocktails with booze in them. Just set these bad boys out, along with a few bottles of liquor, and let your guests do the bartending themselves.

Mulled "Wine" from Not Enough Cinnamon

Mulled “Wine” from Not Enough Cinnamon

Grape juice keeps this mulled “wine” recipe totally alcohol-free. You can serve it chilled as shown above, or heat it up for something more traditional. Get the recipe here.

Wassail Punch from Eazy Peazy Mealz

Wassail Punch from Eazy Peazy Mealz

With a bunch of different spices and flavors, this fun punch is as creative as a great cocktail, minus the booze. Get the recipe here.


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