31 Days of Workouts to Finish 2018 in Beast Mode

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31 Days of Workouts to Finish 2018 in Beast Mode

Who says resolutions have to start at the first of the year? Try these 31 workouts to get in better shape.

Whether or not you fully met all of your New Year’s resolutions, you can make yourself proud by finishing out this year fit and active. That’s why the LIVESTRONG.COM team created the 31 Days of Workout Videos Challenge!

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How the Challenge Works

Each day you’ll do the workout listed below. And each week is scheduled the same way:

  • Monday: full-body workout
  • Tuesday: ab workout
  • Wednesday: leg/booty workout
  • Thursday: ab workout
  • Friday: arm workout
  • Saturday: random workout
  • Sunday: yoga

Here’s the full schedule (with links to the videos below):

Screenshot this and save to your phone so you'll always have it with you!

You can make these workouts your daily fitness challenge or do them in addition to your existing workout routine for a little fun and variety. If you’re just doing the videos, each of these workouts are designed to be repeated. So if one run-though isn’t enough to challengeyou, click back to the beginning and do it again (or even three times).


Read on: 31 Days of Workouts to Finish 2018 in Beast Mode

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