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4 Easy-to-Say, Hard-to-Do Psoriasis Tips

What can help if you have psoriasis?

I learned that this year the National Psoriasis Foundation is referring to August’s Psoriasis Awareness Month as Psoriasis Action Month. The month is intended to help individuals living with psoriasis better treat and manage their condition.

I like the switch to action as I tend to put off addressing long overdue changes, including those related to my health and psoriasis care. Besides, advocating for yourself and paying closer attention to your needs naturally leads to opportunities to raise awareness and correct misconceptions about psoriatic conditions.

Deciding to take action also raises the question of what steps you should take to better manage your psoriasis. Reading articles or learning about others’ experiences can certainly help. Checking in with your doctor is perhaps the most important step before starting anything new or changing your treatment plan.

The challenge comes, however, with following through with that good tip or your doctor’s instructions. If too much time or effort is required for a particular treatment, I’m more likely to stop it. Action will once again turn into inaction. But through my experience trying various psoriasis care tips, I’ve found ways to overcome the challenges and make them work for me.

Read full article: 4 Easy-to-Say, Hard-to-Do Psoriasis Tips | Everyday Health

Read Full Article: 4 Easy-to-Say, Hard-to-Do Psoriasis Tips | Everyday Health

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