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5 Cancer Types With the Poorest Long-Term Outlook

Medications are improving survival times for many people with cancer.

A silver lining

If there is a silver lining to be had in all of this, it’s that most cancer types have seen marked improvement in five-year (long-term) survival rates since the 1975 through 1977 period. With the exception of uterine and larynx cancers, all other relatively major cancer types have seen improvement in five-year survival rates.

Some of the most notable include prostate cancer, female breast cancer, and colorectal cancer. Prostate cancer, which accounts for about 20% of all cancer diagnoses for men in 2017, has a 99% five-year survival rate as of 2006-2012 compared to just 68% in 1975-1977. Meanwhile, 91% of female breast cancer patients were alive after five years as of 2006-2012, up from 75% in 1975-1977. Colorectal cancer, which is very preventable with common screenings, has a 66% long-term survival rate, up from 50% a little over three decades prior.

Cancer types with the worst outlook

While there have been some clear wins for the drug industry and medical community, other cancer types have showed only minimal progress. The following five cancer types currently have the poorest long-term outlook, based on ACS data.

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Read Full Article: 5 Cancer Types With the Poorest Long-Term Outlook

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