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May 5, 2017
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6 Ways to Stay Positive While Fighting Cancer

Tips for staying positive while being treated for cancer.

Cancer is a formidable foe, and it sometimes can make the brightest personalities feel dark. However, despite about 350,000 Americans being diagnosed with cancer each year (according to the Huffington Post), there’s still hope for many patients thanks to new treatments and a positive outlook.

Meanwhile, in Canada, the Canadian Cancer Society has declared April as Daffodil Month to help raise money for families affected by the deadly disease. This bright yellow flower is a “symbol of strength and courage” for those battling cancer, notes the society. So with that flower in mind, here are six brighter ways to fight back…

1. Live One Moment At a Time

WhatNext.com has a number of entries from cancer patients talking about what helps them through their treatments. One of them notes that it helps to recognize that you’re going to have doubts and moments of despair, but to let them come and go. “They are just that. Moments,” it notes.

At the same time, there are many positive moments and little victories, so make sure you also let yourself enjoy those, it adds. Don’t dwell on the treatments, or the fact you have a disease. “Always keep moving forward,” notes the site.

Read full article: 6 Ways to Stay Positive While Fighting Cancer | ActiveBeat

Read Full Article: 6 Ways to Stay Positive While Fighting Cancer | ActiveBeat

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