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7 Crohn’s Management Tips for Seniors

Tips for living with Crohn’s disease.

With all the advances in treatment that have come about in recent years, a long, happy, and productive life with Crohn’s disease is more possible now than ever before. But as you approach old age, it’s important to consider how your strategy for managing your condition may need to change in response to other changes you’re going through.

Even if your Crohn’s diagnosis is recent — as many as 16 percent of people with inflammatory bowel disease (IBD) are diagnosed at age 60 or older, according to the Crohn’s and Colitis Foundation — there are important considerations that don’t apply to younger people.

Older adults are more likely to be managing more than one health condition and taking multiple medications, which can impact Crohn’s treatment. Your Crohn’s disease itself can also change as you age — your symptoms may worsen, diminish, or simply take different forms.

Read full article: 7 Crohn’s Management Tips for Seniors | Everyday Health

Read Full Article: 7 Crohn’s Management Tips for Seniors | Everyday Health

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