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Artist’s multiple sclerosis inspires photo series

Artist uses her brain scans from multiple sclerosis diagnosis as source of artwork.

Daisy Patton turns her brain scans into art.

Patton, who was diagnosed with the degenerative disease multiple sclerosis in 2010, digitally alters her MRI scans as part of the ongoing series “Deterioration.” See her work now through Feb. 5 at Everett Community College’s Russell Day Gallery.

“I take something that has an intrinsic meaning, that is the deterioration of my brain, and turn it into a beautiful object, as well as choose how to represent this aspect of my body,” Patton wrote.

“Each scan set has its own color scheme; red expressly appears as part of the design in scans that have new lesions, which denotes change.”

Patton, of Aurora, Colo., has a bachelor’s of fine arts in studio arts from the University of Oklahoma with minors in history and art history and an honors degree. Her master of fine arts degree is from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston/Tufts University, a multi-disciplinary program.

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