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Baby boomers should be tested for hep C virus

Early treatment is important for those with hepatitis C.

Hepatitis C is a viral infection that causes your liver to become inflamed. Inflammation can lead to serious liver damage.

Your liver, which sits on the right side of your belly, performs many vital functions. Among them: Cleans your blood, produces the digestive liquid bile and stores energy in the form of sugar known as glycogen.

“If you have hepatitis C, you want to catch it before you get to the point where your liver starts to fail,” says St. Luke’s Dr. Kristin J. Marek of Family Medicine and Primary Care in Brodheadsville. Hep C can be treated with medication and those medications will be more effective if they are started earlier, Marek says.

Hepatitis C can be an acute virus, but in the majority of people it becomes a chronic disease, Marek says. The length of time you have the disease determines whether it’s acute or chronic.

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Read Full Article: Baby boomers should be tested for hep C virus

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