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May 18, 2017
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May 18, 2017
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Back from beating cancer

A teen undergoing cancer treatment continues to live life.

The Lynden Christian High School Junior-Senior Banquet has become a grand marker for the fleeting moments of high school life. For LC senior Megan Spady, the dinner meant so much more last Friday. It marked her eighth day back in school after three months of cancer treatment.

“She became a stronger person after she went through what she went through,” said her mother, Gwen Spady. “[She thought] if I can beat cancer and go through chemo for three months, I can do anything.”

Megan seemed just like any other girl at the banquet. Her red dress was embellished with sequins and jewels cascading up and down the bodice. A white corsage encircled her dainty wrist. Photos were taken before she drove off in a truck with her date, Easton Anderson, for the night. Dressed to the nines, her smile expressed a true moment of happiness.

Few would guess that mere weeks ago Megan was undergoing cancer treatment.

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Read Full Article: Back from beating cancer | News |

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