Cancer and nutrition research: How best to move it forward

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August 7, 2019
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August 8, 2019
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Cancer and nutrition research: How best to move it forward

In the proceedings of a recent conference about the interplay between nutrition and cancer, specialists note that interdisciplinarity is the way forward.

In the past few decades, a number of studies have suggested a link between dietary habits and the development of cancer. However, much of this research has been unable to move beyond observing links. Now, specialists in cancer and nutrition suggest a way forward.

For decades now, researchers have been finding links between unhealthful dietary habits and the risk of cancer development and recurrence.

However, they have not yet proved beyond a doubt that all of these links are causational.

At the same time, past findings have been convincing enough to prompt researchers to investigate these connections further.

Diet is key point of discussion in cancer prevention, as it is a modifiable factor; well-informed people can make different choices when it comes to what and how they eat, which could make a real difference to their health.

Studies from the United Kingdom have found that “nearly 4 in 10” cancer cases are preventable, as modifiable risk factors drive them.

For these reasons, specialists across many disciplines — including cancer and nutrition research — came together in December last year to discuss the interplay between diet and cancer risk.

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