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September 20, 2018

Blood Tests Predict Lung Damage in 9/11 Firefighters 

The tragedy of 9/11 impacted many, if not all, American’s lives forever. Now, studies are showing if the ones who helped save thousands of people are […]
September 19, 2018

Tailgate Food That Will Blow Your Mind — Not Your Daily Calorie Count

From simple game-day recipes like bacon-wrapped stuffed jalapeno poppers and spicy vegan “wings” to low-calorie craft beers that won’t give you a dreaded beer belly, we’ve got your back when it comes […]
September 18, 2018

Diets high in vegetables and fish may lower risk of multiple sclerosis

Foods like vegetables and fish help protect against multiple sclerosis. People who consume a diet high in vegetables and fish may have a reduced risk of […]
September 18, 2018

Study finds kidney transplant recipients do not contract hepatitis C if receiving kidneys from donors with a history of hepatitis C 

Kidneys infected with hepatitis C can be transplanted safely in some circumstances. Researchers at Loma Linda University Health found that kidney transplantation can be safely performed using organs […]
September 18, 2018

Research Informs New National Cervical Cancer Screening Recommendation

Paps smears and other screening tools help find cervical cancers early. A comprehensive analysis of eight clinical trials and four cohort studies on cervical cancer screening […]
September 16, 2018

Cooking for Cognition: Why Making a Meal Is Good for Your Brain

Preparing food isn’t just about filling your stomach, it can be a great way to relax your mind and feel fulfilled and organized. If you feel […]
September 15, 2018

Rheumatoid arthritis swelling: Causes and treatment

Swelling is a normal side effect in those with rheumatoid arthritis but if you know what increases swelling and how to treat it the pain can […]