February 26, 2019

Crohn’s disease and constipation: Causes and treatments

Crohn’s disease typically causes frequent diarrhea, but some people also have constipation. Constipation can result from medications or strictures, and treatment options include dietary and lifestyle […]
February 22, 2019

Specific Carbohydrate Diet helps children with Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis

There’s good news for kids suffering from inflammatory bowel disease, ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s. Seattle Children’s has discovered a diet that puts some patients into remission without the […]
February 20, 2019

Humira safe, effective in Crohn’s through 6 years

Humira therapy helped improve both clinical and patient-reported Crohn’s disease outcomes for up to 6 years, according to study results published in Inflammatory Bowel Diseases.. Humira […]
February 15, 2019

What Is Crohn’s Disease? Symptoms, Treatments, Causes

It’s more than just stomach pain and frequent trips to the bathroom. Crohn’s disease: An overview Crohn’s disease is a chronic bowel disease that causes inflammation […]
February 8, 2019

I’m Chronically Ill With Crohn’s Disease, But My Relationship Is Built On A Love Of Food

I’ve lived with Crohn’s disease, a chronic inflammatory bowel disease, for over 10 years now, and I’m still learning how to cope with it, connect with […]
January 31, 2019

People with Psoriasis More Likely to Develop Certain Gut Disorders

People with psoriasis may be at greater risk of developing certain gut disorders, a new study finds. People with psoriasis may be at greater risk of […]
January 24, 2019

Psoriasis and inflammatory bowel disease as one unit

Having psoriasis gives a patient a 1.75-fold increased odds of developing ulcerative colitis and a 1.70-fold increased odds of developing Crohn’s disease. Psoriasis and IBD (ulcerative colitis […]