Certain Biopsy Method Tied to Better Outcomes After Kidney Cancer

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Certain Biopsy Method Tied to Better Outcomes After Kidney Cancer

Kidney cancer outcomes improve when a certain lab test — called core needle biopsy — is performed.

A type of lab test called a “core-needle biopsy,” performed on tissue taken from a mass on a kidney, may be better for certain kidney cancer patients, new research suggests.

The study involved people with a renal (kidney) cell carcinoma — the most common type of kidney cancer in adults.

Researchers led by Dr. Rosaleen Parsons, of Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia, noted that incidence and death rates of the disease have climbed in recent decades.

But they added that so-called “image-guided” core-needle biopsy of kidney masses is increasingly being used to determine the best treatment approaches for individual patients.

In their study, Parsons’ team researchers tracked outcomes for patients who collectively underwent 374 kidney mass biopsies between 1999 and 2015.

Core-needle biopsy — meaning that a tiny amount of tissue is removed using a hollow needle — was performed in 65 percent of patient biopsies, and 41 percent of those patients also had surgery for their kidney cancer.

According to the study, core-needle biopsy led to accurate diagnosis of renal cell carcinoma in 94 percent of patients who had surgery.

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