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August 28, 2017
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CN takes up arms against hepatitis C

The Cherokee Nation aims to reduce rates of hepatitis infection.

Infections aren’t always noticeable. Just because someone feels healthy, it doesn’t mean he is. That’s a key reason why an individual might want to get screened for hepatitis C.

The Cherokee Nation has been promoting that testing, in hopes of getting more of its citizens on the road to treatment.

“People can live with it and not notice,” said Dr. Jorge Mera, head of Infectious Diseases at Cherokee Nation. “You’ll notice it probably when it’s too late or very late. It’s very silent.”

Hepatitis C is a viral infection, and when left unchecked, it an cause extensive liver damage, including cirrhosis, and ultimately liver cancer and death. Because it can go without symptoms for years, Mera said it’s best that people not wait to get screened.

Read full article: CN takes up arms against hepatitis C | Local News |

Read Full Article: CN takes up arms against hepatitis C | Local News | 

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