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Complementing Your MS Care

Along with conventional medications, there are additional diet and lifestyle changes that can aid those with multiple sclerosis.

Although it was over a decade ago, I still vividly remember the first questions I asked my neurologist after learning I had Multiple Sclerosis, “What can I do? Should I change my diet? Exercise more? Or less?” My first instinct was to look for a holistic way to minimize my chances of MS interfering with my life.

The answer, which probably won’t surprise you, was, “Nope – just take a look at these videos and choose a medication.” But that was in 2005 and much has changed since then.

The increasing frustration experienced by those who have lived for so many years with chronic illness, combined with the ability to crowd source information from people all over the globe via the internet, and the growing belief that patients should be their own primary advocate (not doctors), has led to a renewed focus on the importance of looking outside of traditional medical pathways to improve health. One thing to remember: complementary care doesn’t mean replacing conventional medicine; it means using it along WITH more traditional methods.

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