Crohn’s Disease and Diet: There Is No Magic Solution

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Crohn’s Disease and Diet: There Is No Magic Solution

Most people with Crohn’s disease find themselves on the receiving end of “helpful” advice.

We’ve all been there: Strangers send messages offering unsolicited advice about how to manage your Crohn’s disease, how to cure your symptoms, or how certain products can cause or prevent flares. We all have heard the “my friend’s friend did this” spiel. It happens more than you’d think.

I am not the first person to share personal stories and invite others into my life, and I’m sure others have received messages like this, too. I have had individuals try to sell me vitamins, candles, makeup, and whatnot – things that will “help” my issues. I even have received suggestions about my mascara.

I’ve received genuine suggestions with helpful information and messages from people checking on me. But even today, I still receive messages with unrealistic suggestions and incorrect statements about how to deal with my issues. I also have had those who try to shame and blame me for my own suffering.

Offering recommendations is one thing, and I’ll usually respond with a thank you. But to continue to question me and tell me what “helps” only negates my battle, and suggests that I do not try to heal or help myself and that I do not know my own body best.

Read full article: Crohn’s Disease and Diet: There Is No Magic Solution

Read Full Article: Crohn’s Disease and Diet: There Is No Magic Solution

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