Crohn’s Disease Medications: Part Four in a Series

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March 23, 2017
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Crohn’s Disease Medications: Part Four in a Series

A women shares her treatment and medication experience with Crohn’s disease.

After noting symptoms, getting a diagnosis, and, coping with that Crohn’s disease diagnosis, you may begin researching treatments and medications. It gets scary and confusing for all of us Crohnie’s in the beginning; don’t worry.

With Crohn’s medications, your doctors may suggest a different treatment plan than I tried. I cannot, and would not, offer medical advice, I can only share what I know from my personal experiences.

But you have to remember, Crohn’s disease has no cure.

Some doctors use a pyramid-style treatment plan, starting with medications that have the least number of side effects, the least harmful at the bottom. Other doctors use the same pyramid, but upside down, with the more aggressive medications first, but these also are more harmful.

Depending on how your disease and treatment progress, the location of your Crohn’s, and the circumstances related and decisions made by you and your doctor, there are a plethora of medications to try.

Here are some Crohn’s medications, and some I have tried:

Read full article: Crohn’s Disease Medications: Part Four in a Series

Read Full Article: Crohn’s Disease Medications: Part Four in a Series

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