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Dating With MS: My Love Story

If you’re single, when is the right time to tell a date that you have multiple sclerosis?

Dating in Los Angeles is difficult if you’re looking for commitment. Not difficult in the sense that everyone’s married and there’s no one left, but hard in the sense that no one’s married and everyone’s looking for the next best thing.

Los Angeles is a city that breeds beauty, ambition, and talent. The majority of us have come here to chase our dreams. I did: I came here to be a writer. I worked hard to accomplish my goals and thought that I didn’t have to worry about dating seriously, because I wasn’t ready to settle down. My focus was on my career; marriage could come later. In that sense, dating was fun because I wasn’t focused on the end game.

But in 2007, at age 28, that all changed with two words: multiple sclerosis. Just as I was beginning to come into my own as an adult, I was diagnosed with MS, a potentially debilitating, incurable disease. All I could think was, “Who’s going to want to marry me now?” What if everything that could happen to me did happen? What if I became incontinent or ended up in a wheelchair? What if I needed a caregiver or became blind?

Telling Enough, but Not Too Much

When you’re dating, you’re constantly tiptoeing the line of, “Have I told too much? Am I normal enough? Too crazy? Too clingy? Too aloof?” This is the game of dating: figuring out how to give enough away to keep them interested, and at the same time withholding enough to make you seem intriguing.

When you add MS to that mix, you’ve got a whole other thing to deal with. Having a disease isn’t just a dating faux pas like drunk texting or Facebook stalking — it’s a legit, cold, hard fact that changes the rules of the game.

Read Full Article: Dating With MS: My Love Story

Read Full Article: Dating With MS: My Love Story

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