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Discovering, Using Multiple Sclerosis Research

Learn about MS research currently underway.

When talking about MS research, we tend to focus on drug development because improved therapies, and even the cure for MS, will come from pharmaceuticals. But what do we know about other MS research that doesn’t involve taking a pill or enduring an injection? I’m talking about those research studies that are looking at the activities of daily living (ADL) and quality of life (QoL) studies.

When new research results for a new drug comes out, we are bombarded with press releases and news headlines. After they are approved, we also see those drugs advertised in the various print publications we may get from MS advocacy organizations. Doctors also are hit with that same approach — the drug companies dispatch legions of their sales representatives to visit the neurologists and nurses who treat people with MS. Clinicians hear presentations on these drugs and how they are the newest way to help their patients.

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Read Full Article: Discovering, Using Multiple Sclerosis Research 

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