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Enjoy the Journey While Traveling with Multiple Sclerosis

Travel advice for those with multiple sclerosis.

I have always had the travel bug, and I’ve been to a myriad of countries and cities around the world. From far-away foreign cities to exotic beach locales, I find great pleasure in refining my cultural literacy.

That refinement took a back seat after my diagnosis and subsequent progression of MS. Having said that, I write this while in Lake Tahoe. I still strive for and enjoy my getaways; they just look different than they did prior to my diagnosis.

Yielding to our disease is inevitable and somewhat unavoidable, but it will never stop me from doing what I can. For as long as I can remember Machu Picchu was a “bucket list” destination — the hike, the Incan ruins and the exploration of Cusco. While hiking up steep terrain is an impossibility, it does not mean I need to throw away my bucket.

I mourned this unexpected caveat in my life, yet soon discovered a myriad of new possibilities in which to create a different bucket list. Accepting and embracing my limitations was oddly freeing, as only then could I move forward. Only then, could I focus and realize those things that I could do.

Read full article: Enjoy the Journey While Traveling with Multiple Sclerosis

Read Full Article: Enjoy the Journey While Traveling with Multiple Sclerosis

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