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Exercise: Best Treatment for Prostate Cancer?

A new study is underway to investigate whether exercise can serve as a front-line defense against prostate cancer.

Cancer Research UK has launched what is believed to be the first-ever study to determine whether exercise training should be used as a front-line treatment against prostate cancer.

The study, led by Sheffield Hallam University, will track the impact of exercise on 50 men who have the disease, but whose cancer has not spread to other parts of their bodies, Medical Xpress reports.

Half of the men will engage in 2.5 hours of aerobic exercise every week for 12 months; the others will be given information about the benefits of exercise for cancer patients but will have no supervised sessions.

Prostate cancer that has not spread is sometimes untreated while patients undergo what is called “active surveillance,” which involves monitoring the disease to be sure it does not spread. All the men in the study are and will remain on active surveillance — and will also be closely monitored as part of the study itself.

If the participants can successfully keep up their exercise regime for 12 months, the study is expected to lead to a full-scale trial to look at the potential benefits of combining active surveillance and exercise for some prostate cancer patients.

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