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October 3, 2016
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Familial Connections Cannot Be Coincidences, Can They?

There appears to be a genetic link to multiple sclerosis.

Life can be really strange and not always fathomable to someone like me who is not blessed with neither medical nor scientific qualifications.

On a purely technical basis, I am just an ordinary guy. What I do know about diseases, illnesses and conditions – call them what you will – comes from my personal experience of being a patient, being a relative of a patient, or through being a journalist. In the last role, I carry research into facts to enable me to write and to talk to people who know much more than me about their subjects.

All this is the foundation on which my opinions are developed.

But let’s look at something that many may regard as mysterious: possible connections between diseases and family members!

Can multiple sclerosis be inherited? While in most cases the answer seems to be that it is not inherited, research published earlier his year proved that in some cases it can be. Familial links have been discovered.

Read Full Article: Familial Connections Cannot Be Coincidences, Can They?

Read Full Article: Familial Connections Cannot Be Coincidences, Can They?

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