‘Fitness Helped Me Manage My Crohn’s Disease Bloating And Fatigue’

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‘Fitness Helped Me Manage My Crohn’s Disease Bloating And Fatigue’

Staying fit can help how you feel with Crohn’s disease.

My whole life, good was never good enough. I had zero self esteem, and was always seeking validation from others—while feeling like I was falling short.

Because of this, I viewed sports practice as punishment. I loved being active, but come college, I steered clear of exercise for a long time. At the same time, though, I started to feel a shift in my mood. I’d been previously diagnosed with Crohn’s disease and the fatigue, bloating, and nausea really took a toll during college. I found myself withdrawing to my room for long hours to study, avoiding things that would’ve helped but weren’t required of me—like exercise.

Eventually, I decided to get a job on-campus to be more involved in the community. I ended up getting hired as a group fitness instructor at the school gym. Even though I had always hated the person barking orders at the front of a weight room, now I was in charge. And I loved it.

I taught for a few years and enjoyed it, but in 2012, I hit a breaking point with stress. I’d started nursing school, broken off an engagement with the guy I’d been dating for seven years, and my Crohn’s was seriously acting up. I was on multiple medications since the stress and poor diet exacerbated my Crohn’s problems—to the point where I would have such severe bloating and cramping that I couldn’t sleep at night. Something needed to change.

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