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August 17, 2017
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Got Multiple Sclerosis Questions? iConquerMS Seeks Answers

Resources for multiple sclerosis inquiries.

If you’ve followed my writing, you already know I am committed to advancing patient-centered research and care. I am the lead patient representative and co-principal investigator for iConquerMS.

One of the main goals of iConquerMS is to elevate the voice of people with MS into research. How do we accomplish that? It is a multi-step process. First, people with an interest in multiple sclerosis and helping out — this could be a person with MS or someone who has a connection in another way — enroll at our website. When they sign up, they give some basic demographic information.

Read full article: Got Multiple Sclerosis Questions? iConquerMS Seeks Answers

Read Full Article: Got Multiple Sclerosis Questions? iConquerMS Seeks Answers 

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