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Handicapped Parking Permit for Multiple Sclerosis

Handicapped parking permits can improve quality of life for those with multiple sclerosis, even if you don’t currently use a wheelchair.

If your multiple sclerosis (MS) has started to make it hard for you to walk from your car to stores or to your workplace, it may be time to consider getting a handicapped parking permit.

While every state has its own rules for them, these permits generally allow you to park in handicapped-designated spots in parking lots. In many cities, they also give you preferred access to street parking — often meaning that you don’t have to pay for it, or that you can park for a longer duration in time-limited parking zones.

Before starting the process of getting a permit — or even if you don’t think you need one right now — you may be interested to know what other people with MS have gone through while getting, and using, theirs.

Why Get a Permit?

Handicapped parking permits — which usually come as placards to be hung from a car’s rearview mirror while the car is parked, but can also be specialized license plates — aren’t just for people who use wheelchairs or other assistive devices.

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