Hanna Sillitoe of ‘My Goodness Recipes’ Says Changing Diet Treated Her Psoriasis

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Hanna Sillitoe of ‘My Goodness Recipes’ Says Changing Diet Treated Her Psoriasis

Diet can be helpful for psoriasis improvement.

I was 15 when I started breaking out in itchy, red patches all over my body. I had no idea what caused it, and I had even less of a clue of what to do. I went to a dermatologist, who diagnosed me with psoriasis, an inflammatory skin conditionwhere your skin’s cell production rate goes into overdrive.

Over the next few years, my derm prescribed me more creams, steroids, emollients, and lotions than I can count. The side effects of the treatments sometimes embarrassed me more than my psoriasis: they smelled terrible, soiled my sheets, and burned my skin.

While some of the prescriptions made my psoriasis a little better, I was usually too embarrassed to wear short sleeves or shorts, even in the summer. Every time I faced that fear, friends, even well-meaning ones, asked, “Were you bitten by bugs?” or “Are you sunburned?”

My confidence sank as I dodged questions about my skin and covered up as much as I could. But then, about four years ago, when I was in my early thirties, my psoriasis became itchier, redder, and more noticeable than ever before. It was so painful, I couldn’t go to work. I was going through a breakup, having problems with my business, and eating worse and drinking more than I ever had.

My dermatologist prescribed another treatment, but after reading more about it, I realized it used similar ingredients to chemotherapy drugs. [Editor’s note: Methotrexate, which can be used as part of cancer treatment, is also FDA-approved to treat severe psoriasis that doesn’t respond to other treatments, according to the American Academy of Dermatology.]

Had it really come to slathering prescriptions several times daily, just so that I could function? I started researching my skin condition and learned that since psoriasis is inflammatory condition, it can be affected by the foods you eat (i.e., eating foods that cause inflammation in the body can trigger flare-ups).

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