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Hep C: Speak Up 

A patient shares their story of having hepatitis C.

I was diagnosed with both HIV and Hep C in 2010. In November 2016, I sat down in my HIV and Hep C specialist’s consultation room. I thought this was a routine consultation, but my specialist had some great news for me. A turning point had been reached in terms of access to the new direct acting antiviral (DAA) treatments for Hep C. These treatments were restricted to people with advanced Hep C. Nationally, a number of Operational Delivery Networks (ODNs), the service delivery areas within the NHS, had not used their allocated treatment slots. There were excess treatment slots in some areas of the country. At a discussion amongst clinicians, it had been agreed to re-allocate unused treatment slots to ODNs where they were needed, such as the ODN within which my HIV clinic is located. My doctor had snapped up a number of additional treatment slots, which meant that I would be able to start the Hep C treatment. I was delighted. Only six months earlier, my specialist had told me that he was only allowed to treat three people per month with the DAA drugs, that the waiting list was growing and that it could be years before I received my Hep C treatment. My specialist asked if I could come into the clinic the following week to commence the treatment.

Read full article: Hep C: Speak Up | HuffPost UK

Read Full Article: Hep C: Speak Up | HuffPost UK 

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