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December 2, 2016
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December 5, 2016
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Hep C Treatment Prognosis Continues to Amaze

Great progress has been made in treating hepatitis C.

Rapid advances in the treatment of hepatitis C have clinicians seeing outcomes they never thought possible, and experts are optimistic that more complex and challenging patients will respond to therapy.

However, treatment choice can be tricky. And caveats are emerging, including reports that direct-acting antivirals used for the treatment of hepatitis C might increase the risk for hepatitis B reactivation and liver cancer in some patients.

But the big picture is one of clinical success. “We know that 95% to 100% of patients treated for hepatitis C can be cured. It’s pretty amazing,” said Tram Tran, MD, from the Cedars–Sinai Medical Center and the University of California at Los Angeles.

Dr Tran is one of several experts who provided an update on treatment regimens, genotypes, and evidence at the recent American College of Gastroenterology 2016 Annual Scientific Meeting.

Read Full Article: Hep C Treatment Prognosis Continues to Amaze

Read Full Article: Hep C Treatment Prognosis Continues to Amaze

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