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January 17, 2017
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January 18, 2017
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Hepatitis C

Hepatitis C affects 150 million people worldwide.

It is estimated that 150 million people are chronically infected with hepatitis C. The disease kills an estimated 700,000 people each year, the vast majority of whom live in developing countries where there is little or no access to diagnosis and treatment for the disease. While hepatitis C is found worldwide, Africa and Central and East Asia are the most affected regions.

Hepatitis C is a liver disease caused by the hepatitis C virus (HCV). The virus can cause both acute and chronic infection, ranging in severity from a mild illness lasting a few weeks to serious, lifelong illness. Infected people often do not show symptoms for many years. Hepatitis C is also a leading co-infection affecting people living with HIV/AIDS, who are more vulnerable to the disease because of their weaker immune systems and because HIV and hepatitis C share common modes of transmission. More than two million people with HIV worldwide are estimated to be co-infected with hepatitis C.

Read full article: Hepatitis C | Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International

Read Full Article: Hepatitis C | Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) International

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