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June 1, 2017
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June 2, 2017
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Hepatitis C a baby boomer target 

Baby Boomers are at high risk of having hepatitis C.

Did you know more people die from Hepatitis C than any other infectious disease?

That is according to the Centers for Disease Control. Baby boomers are five times more likely to have the disease than any other age group.

Sandra Peele, now 52, discovered she had Hepatitis C at age 29.

Sandra is a wife and a mom to two girls, and says at the time she was living a pretty good life, but a simple routine check-up changed everything.

“[The doctor] said my liver was enlarged, so I quit drinking,” Sandra recalled.

Months went by, and her symptoms persisted. She went back to the doctor and was diagnosed with Hepatitis C.

Sandra said she was “floored. What is it? Can it be cured? What do I got?”

She then received more more heartbreaking news: her husband was diagnosed with Hepatitis C as well. To this day, they don’t know how they got it, but together they battled the disease, trying every drug they could find.

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