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October 4, 2017
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Hepatitis C infection

Hepatitis C transmission can be reduced with clean needle programs.

The first global review to quantify the impact of needle syringe programmes (NSP) and opioid substitution treatment (OST) in reducing the risk of becoming infected with the hepatitis C virus is published in Cochrane Library Drug and Alcohol Review Group and the journal Addiction. The study, has implications for millions of people who are ‘at risk’ from infection.

Over 70 million people live with hepatitis C and there are three to four million people newly infected each year. The main risk for becoming infected in developing countries is associated with illicit drug use and sharing used needles/syringes.  In many countries, at least half the people who have injected drugs such as heroin, cocaine or methamphetamine have hepatitis C.

Read full article: September: Hepatitis C infection | News | University of Bristol

Read Full Article: September: Hepatitis C infection | News | University of Bristol

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