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Hepatitis C Patient Assistance Programs 

There is help available for those with hepatitis C to assist with the cost of treatment.

Treatment for HCV can be expensive, but the good news is that help is out there. All of the pharmaceutical companies have a patient assistance program (PAP) to help uninsured people, and some also provide help for underinsured people to cover all or part of the costs of their drug. There are also pharmaceutical co-pay programs and non-profit organizations that can help with some additional support for co-pays. Check with each program for details.



Provides a single site for all patient assistance program applications for both HIV and HCV medications.


Their newly formed hepatitis C co-pay assistance program can provide up to $15,000 to eligible patients who are insured and have an annual household income of up to 500% of the federal poverty level.<
(800) 675-8416

Read full article: Hepatitis C Patient Assistance Programs | Positively Aware

Read Full Article: Hepatitis C Patient Assistance Programs | Positively Aware

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