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Higher weight increases risk of psoriasis

The higher a person’s BMI, the greater the chance of getting psoriasis. But researchers are still uncertain as to why.

Studies have linked psoriasis and higher weight, but the causal relationship between the two has been unclear. What triggers what?

Or could other underlying reasons explain the connection?

“Higher BMI may contribute to increased inflammation of the skin, which can exacerbate psoriasis, but it could also be that psoriasis leads to a person being less physically active and thus gaining weight,” explains Mari Løset.

She is a medical doctor in the Department of Dermatology at St. Olav’s Hospital and a postdoctoral fellow at NTNU’s KG Jebsen Centre for Genetic Epidemiology.

Løset is one of the researchers at NTNU who has been involved in a study of the causal relationship between BMI and psoriasis.

BMI stands for body mass index and is a measure of body fat content. It is calculated from a person’s height and weight.

The observational study is a large collaboration among researchers from NTNU, England and North America. Some of the data being used is from the Health Survey in Nord-Trøndelag (HUNT) and UK Biobank. Together, the analyses include data from 750 000 individuals.

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