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January 15, 2016
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January 20, 2016
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How Vitamin D Repairs Myelin in Multiple Sclerosis

Vitamin D is now thought to help repair myelin. This could help those with multiple sclerosis.

An international team of researchers have proposed how vitamin D repairs myelin in multiple sclerosis. This finding could lead to new remyelination treatment options.

Numerous previous studies have discussed how vitamin D supplementation can have a favorable impact on the course of multiple sclerosis, including reducing relapse. Others have indicated that low levels of the vitamin are associated with an increased incidence of MS or the presence of more brain lesions.

Researchers in this latest study found that the vitamin D receptor interacts with RXR gamma receptor, a protein that has been shown in previous research to be involved in the repair of myelin. Myelin is the protective covering for nerve cells that is damaged and destroyed in people who have MS.

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