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September 27, 2017
Curing Hepatitis C and Avoiding Liver Cancer
September 27, 2017
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Information on Hepatitis C Test Results

Understanding hepatitis C test results.

There are many different liver tests involved in getting clear information about the status of your Hepatitis C infection and the health of your liver. This post is to give simple and understandable information about Hep C tests and what they mean. Over the past couple of years I have exchanged emails with many hundreds of people asking me to explain what their HCV test results mean. Usually this is because their doctor or specialist has not bothered to take the time to give this explanation or has explained things in such technical terms that the patient has not understood what was being said and what the HCV test results mean in real terms.

Read full article: Information on Hepatitis C Test Results – Hep

Read Full Article: Information on Hepatitis C Test Results – Hep

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