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Is That an MS Symptom? Or Am I Just Sore and Tired?

Does being sore and feeling tired mean you have multiple sclerosis?

With the sun finally making an appearance this past weekend and a full visitors’ schedule ahead, Caryn and I spent a few days in the garden and on some spring household chores, and I’m feeling the effects.

Though my soreness and fatigue are not direct symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS), I can feel how different my MS symptoms (and general ability) are compared to last year.

I move slower when performing physical tasks and recover slower afterward. I get less done in more time and need longer to rebound. My mind doesn’t pre-organize tasks as well, and I’m done for the day closer to afternoon than evening.

The Power of Saying ‘No’

I’ve actually been feeling more mentally acute in the past few months, as I have been actively shedding some responsibilities in anticipation of a busy year of speaking engagements and travel. The simple act of saying “no” every now and again can make life so much easier.

So while I’d say that I’m feeling sore and tired and worn out this month, I cannot say that those things are directly MS-related. I can, however, notice that MS symptoms have left me diminished from my 2015 self.

On the Life with Multiple Sclerosis Self-evaluation Scale (LWM3S), a simple 1-10 scale by which we rate our current MS symptoms, I’d say I’m about a 6 this week.

Read Full Article: Is That an MS Symptom? Or Am I Just Sore and Tired?

Read Full Article: Is That an MS Symptom? Or Am I Just Sore and Tired?

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