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September 12, 2017
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September 13, 2017
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John’s Story: ‘I Am More Than MS’ 

A patient shares their MS story.

In this video from Patients Like Me, John shares that although he’s suffering from the autoimmune disease multiple sclerosis (MS), he’s definitely much more than the disease.

John explains that when the MS symptoms he was experiencing began to affect his everyday life, he had to take action. A lack of energy and not wanting to do the things he normally enjoyed was getting him down, so he tried a new drug therapy.

The new therapy worked well for John and gave him a new lease on life. After not being able to run for more than eight years, he was finally able to run around the backyard with his 7-year-old son. He now has more zest and energy and is enjoying life again.

John may have MS, but first and foremost he is a father, a husband, a brother, a friend and a consultant.

Read full article: John’s Story: ‘I Am More Than MS’ – Multiple Sclerosis News Today

Read Full Article: John’s Story: ‘I Am More Than MS’ – Multiple Sclerosis News Today

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