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Key multiple sclerosis itching symptom (pruritus) can cause burning pain

Itching and burning pain can develop with multiple sclerosis.

A key multiple sclerosis itching symptom (pruritus) can cause burning pain. Pruritus is part of the abnormal sensations experienced in multiple sclerosis (MS) which can feel like pains and needles, burning, stabbing, or tearing pain. This type of pain is neurological in origin.

Pruritus can come on suddenly and intensely, but it only lasts for brief moments. It can affect any part of the body, including the face. It is different than an itching sensation, which may follow an allergy, as it does not result in a rash or skin irritation. Additionally, common corticosteroids applied topically do not offer relief from this sensation, but there are other medications that can aid in treatment.

Multiple sclerosis patients aren’t the only ones to experience pruritus. Individuals who suffer from seasonal allergies, hay fever, asthma, eczema, diabetics, HIV/AIDS patients, some cancer patients, pregnant women, and the elderly can all experience pruritus as well.

Multiple sclerosis and itchiness

In multiple sclerosis, itchiness is a neurological symptom. In some patients, changes in temperature can trigger itchiness, and for others, the onset of itchiness has to do with certain movements. Itchiness commonly occurs at night, but it is not limited to this time only as it can arrive at any moment throughout the day. Intensity of itchiness may worsen at night which awakens MS patients, often leading to sleep disturbances that can worsen other MS-related symptoms.

There are different types of itchiness in multiple sclerosis, including paroxysmal (itchiness starts and stops abruptly), frequent (itchiness occurs six or more times a days), short duration (itchiness lasts for a couple of seconds or minutes), nocturnal (itchiness occurs typically at night), connected to other symptoms, symmetric (itchiness occurs anywhere on the body on both sides), and triggered (the itchiness is a result of a trigger).

Read Full Article: Key multiple sclerosis itching symptom (pruritus) can cause burning pain

Read Full Article: Key multiple sclerosis itching symptom (pruritus) can cause burning pain

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