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Meditation for Cancer Patients

Meditation is a way to feel better during cancer treatment.

What if a simple daily practice of clearing your mind and breathing slowly could help you feel better, sleep better, reduce pain and anxiety and reduce your risk of cancer recurrence?

It turns out that meditation – just such a practice – exists and you can do it anywhere, for any amount of time, without special equipment or clothing and minimal training.

More than 3,000 scientific studies have been conducted on the benefits of meditation, and include positive outcomes for the treatment of depression, anxiety, lack of concentration, high blood pressure, inflammatory disorders, asthma, PMS, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and more.

Having seen the results, many doctors are also encouraging patients to incorporate this ancient practice into their lives to promote well-being, positive outlooks and even faster recoveries. Research has shown that eight weeks of mindfulness meditation may elevate serum serotonin levels – a compound in the brain that can affect mood and social behavior, appetite and digestion, sleep, memory and sexual desire and function – resulting in a significant decrease in depression, anxiety and stress as well as decreased acute or chronic pain.

In 2014, a breakthrough Canadian study conducted by researchers at the University of Calgary, (Alberta) and Alberta Health services concluded that meditation may be a powerful complement to treatment plans aimed at altering the cellular activity of cancer survivors.

The study, which was published in the journal Cancer, was one of the first to suggest scientifically, that a mind-body connection does exist. The study included 88 breast cancer survivors who, after they completed treatments for at least three months, met weekly for 12 weeks of mindfulness-based activities. The participants attended group discussions along with meditation and yoga sessions and committed to practicing meditation and yoga at home for 45 minutes daily.

Read full article: Meditation for Cancer Patients | Roswell Park Cancer Institute

Read Full Article: Meditation for Cancer Patients | Roswell Park Cancer Institute

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