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Moving Forward with Crohn’s, Post-Diagnosis

A diagnosis of Crohn’s disease can lead to a big adjustment for patients.

In November 2014, when the biopsies from a scope came back positive for severe Crohn’s disease, and I had many questions and emotional reactions. On the one hand, I felt a sense of relief that we finally had an answer, a diagnosis, as to my constant and severe stomach issues, but on the other hand I was devastated to hear I had (another) incurable disease.

For a while I had hoped the severe stomach issues I was experiencing were residual from having Toxic Megacolon a couple months prior and would lessen over time. This just wasn’t the case. Finding out my stomach issues would not resolve and would be a part of me for the rest of my life was hard to accept. I wondered what I did to deserve this and why this was happening to me.

Obviously I had not done anything and there wasn’t anything I could have done to prevent Crohn’s from developing. There are a few things I found helpful in coping with my diagnosis that I’d like to share. Hopefully, they will help you regain a sense of normalcy in life. Having a solid support system along with educating yourself about the disease are good places to start. Be prepared and learn as much as you can.

Read full article: Moving Forward with Crohn’s, Post-Diagnosis

Read Full Article: Moving Forward with Crohn’s, Post-Diagnosis

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