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September 15, 2017
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September 18, 2017
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MS and the Importance of Finding Your Peace of Mind

Finding peace while living with multiple sclerosis.

In this chaotic world in which we live, it is hard to be still, to sit with nothing but our thoughts. There is always something to worry about or preoccupy our minds that never allows us to rest in the present.

As I sit on the patio and write, the gentle breeze and beautiful surroundings offer peace. I close my computer shut my eyes and, for a moment, I am calm. There are no thoughts of pain or worrying about my next procedure, no thoughts of medical bills or my ever-expanding to-do list. There are no what-ifs and no contemplation of the future. When I open my eyes, the influx is overwhelming and my mind suddenly is inundated with everything I had so fleetingly blocked.

The constant capitulation of our daily lives heightens with the addition of a chronic disease, erratic and unpredictable side effects, and ever-increasing medical bills. Sometimes blocking out the external noise is not only comforting, but also necessary. Our neurologists have told us that stress exacerbates the symptoms of multiple sclerosis; I find that to be quite ironic as MS tends to stress me out! This is quite the conundrum. Yet, however difficult it is to de-stress, it is imperative for us to try.

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