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MS Diet & Nutrition 

Diet is important in multiple sclerosis.

People with MS are well-advised to maintain a healthy diet, as diet can interfere with their energy level, bladder and bowel health, and possibly shift their immune system to a more inflammatory state.

Although a number of different diets are suggested as best for people with MS, solid evidence does not exist to support any one diet over another, leaving the issue much to an individual’s choice.  A number of MS specialists recommend their patients simply follow the same general diet guidelines recommended for the public at large by the American Heart Association and the American Cancer Society: one rich in healthy foods and rounded off by regular exercise.

The National MS Society also offers a list of special diets of possible interest to patients.

Pavan Bhargava, MD, published a review paper on a Society webpage, “Diet and Multiple Sclerosis,” in which he identified the most important dietary factors linked to MS: low levels of vitamin D, a high salt intake, and changes in gut bacteria (the gut microbiota).

Read full article: MS Diet & Nutrition – Multiple Sclerosis News Today

Read Full Article: MS Diet & Nutrition – Multiple Sclerosis News Today

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