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MS Patient Understands the Importance of Cultivating Your Circle

A solid network of social support is important for those with multiple sclerosis.

Support is a crucial component in fighting chronic illness and adversity. Our humanity connects us and we thrive on relationships. Support may come in the form of family, friends, social services, groups and countless other methods. I have been fortunate to have an abundance of support for which I am grateful. Chronic illness, such as MS, often will reveal your place in a person’s life. If you want to see where you fit in, just pay attention.

Life is unpredictable and so are people. We live in a world filled with conflict, cruelty and unrest. Illness in itself is chaotic at times. Not only are we combating illness, we also are fighting various social ills. We must be wary of negative people and situations that attempt to sabotage our peace of mind.

People have a way of drawing us into situations that don’t warrant our time and attention. We exhaust our resources on these trivial matters, and then have little energy to devote to the important occurrences in our lives. As an admitted empath, I identify with the pain and struggle of others. Although I don’t regret having a kind and caring spirit, I am learning to create healthy boundaries. I am realizing that I teach people how to treat me, and I refuse to accept poor behavior.

For years I was drawn into the drama and misery of others. I am no longer amenable to those situations, or the people who partake in them. I have been disappointed countless times by those I thought really cared about me, and I wasted precious moments lamenting them. There also were times when I was pleasantly surprised, receiving comfort and reassurance from those I had least expected.

Read full article: MS Patient Understands the Importance of Cultivating Your Circle

Read Full Article: MS Patient Understands the Importance of Cultivating Your Circle

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