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December 4, 2018
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Multiple Sclerosis: Diagnosed At 29

It’s a disease overwhelmingly diagnosed in women in their 20s and 30s. So what is it?

Sophie Allen was 29 and had just had her first child when she experienced what she now knows was the first symptom of multiple sclerosis.
“Everything was going swimmingly,” Sophie, now 38, says. “I had a natural delivery, everything was great. Then, when Felicity was about six weeks old, all of a sudden I started getting very ‘white’ vision. It felt like I’d been out in the sun a bit long and then I’d come in and my eyes were adjusting to it.”
At first Sophie ignored it but after a day or two, the visuals were there all the time. She went to see a GP, who referred her to hospital. But despite staying in for days undergoing numerous tests, two years after discharge, doctors still hadn’t established what was wrong.
Sophie hesitated over whether to have another child, in case the visuals had been down to her pregnancy. After three years though, she decided to go for it. Her pregnancy went well but a year later, her health was suffering again.
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