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Multiple sclerosis mood swings: Causes and treatments

Multiple sclerosis affects the nerves in the body and may also affect mood. Learn more about the causes of multiple sclerosis mood swings, and the best treatment options, here.

Mood swings can be common in people with multiple sclerosis. The condition attacks the nerve cells, and a person may feel changes in their mental and physical health. Mood swings can take many forms that have different causes and treatment options.

Some causes of mood swing have links to the disorder itself. Multiple sclerosis or MS is unpredictable, and people may never know when its symptoms will hit. This uncertainty may result in a shifting mood. Other causes are also possible.

Addressing these mood changes is vital. The National Multiple Sclerosis Society note that people with MS tend to focus on their physical symptoms, and they may neglect their mental health. However, psychological health is vital to MS treatment.

Possible causes

Possible causes of mood swings for people with MS include:


When a person receives a diagnosis, they may notice their mood changes, or they may have mood swings.

This can be a sign that they are grieving over the change in their life that comes with a diagnosis.

People with a new diagnosis may find themselves overwhelmed with information about the condition.

They may learn about some negative effects, or question whether they will be able to continue doing their favorite activities. It is normal for people to experience mood swings or changes in these cases.

Low mood is not immediately a sign of depression. Unlike depression, grieving over changes will usually pass with time. Each person processes grief differently, so there is no set timeframe.

Talking to a counselor or support group may still help, even after grief passes.

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