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Multiple sclerosis patients able to walk again after novel therapy

A novel stem-cell therapy, based on a treatment usually applied for cancer, has been helping wheelchair-bound multiple sclerosis patients walk again.

Wheelchair-bound multiple sclerosis patients are now able to walk again after a novel stem-cell therapy. The therapy uses a treatment normally reserved for cancer.

Multiple sclerosis (also called disseminated sclerosis or encephalomyelitis disseminate, and often abbreviated to MS) is caused by the insulating covers of nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord becoming damaged. The condition is associated with a range of physical, mental, and psychiatric problems. There are two potential causes for the condition, either destruction by the immune system or failure of the myelin-producing cells associated with the central nervous system.

In relation to the disease, a new therapy has been reported with seemingly impressive results. The stem cell treatment has, in human studies, succeeded in reversing and then halting the potentially the effects of the disease. People, bound in wheelchairs, who have been administered the therapeutic product have succeeded in walking.

Interviewed by the Daily Telegraph, one patient, 25 year-old Holly Drewry, 25, from Sheffield in the U.K., described how she had been wheelchair following the birth of her daughter two years ago.

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