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August 22, 2016
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August 23, 2016
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Multiple Sclerosis: Stem Cells May Be New Treatment

Stem cells might be useful in multiple sclerosis.

Twenty years ago, Dr. Alan Tyndall, a rheumatologist at University Hospital in Basel, Switzerland, was faced with giving a 37-year-old mother a grim diagnosis.

Scleroderma, the autoimmune disease that pumps excess collagen into the body, was turning her pulmonary arteries into stone.

The disease would be fatal. Even a lung transplant couldn’t save her.

So Tyndall and his colleagues, including hematologist Dr. Alois Gratwohl, came up with a bold plan.

Read Full Article: Multiple Sclerosis: Stem Cells May Be New Treatment

Read Full Article: Multiple Sclerosis: Stem Cells May Be New Treatment

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