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Need Help Paying for Your Multiple Sclerosis Drug?

There are programs to assist patients with the high cost of multiple sclerosis treatment.

With last month’s approval of the multiple sclerosis drug Ocrevus, I’ve again heard the plea “But how can I afford it?” Ocrevus carries a price tag of about $65,000 a year. That’s not high compared to some other MS drugs, but it still can mean a higher co-pay than some patients with insurance can afford. And it can appear to be totally unaffordable for those without coverage — unless you know how to get help paying for those drug costs.

About six months ago I wrote about the programs that various drug companies and foundations have to assist MS patients in paying for their drug. With lots of folks looking for that help, I thought it would be a good idea to review some of what’s out there.

Payment help from MS drug manufacturers

In the U.S., many drug companies have programs to provide their high-cost MS drugs to patients at a deep discount, or in some cases for free. For Ocrevus, drug manufacturer Genentech has a number of options. For other MS drugs, the National Multiple Sclerosis Society has an excellent, drug-by-drug list of  programs on its website. I recommend it as a first stop in your search for help.

Read full article: Need Help Paying for Your Multiple Sclerosis Drug?

Read Full Article: Need Help Paying for Your Multiple Sclerosis Drug?

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