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Need to Know: What Are Some Good Books That Feature MS?

Ever wonder which MS memoirs are worth reading? Columnist Tamara Sellman has read plenty, and shares some of her favorites here.

What are some good books that focus on MS?

Whether you’re someone with a brand-new MS diagnosis or a veteran, it’s likely you’ve sought out reading to learn more about this complex and challenging disorder.

In the original post cited above (thanks, Jacqueline!), Trevis L. Gleason’s 2015 “Chef Interrupted: Discovering Life’s Second Course in Ireland with Multiple Sclerosis” came highly recommended.

As a voracious reader and a resident in greater Seattle, where the publisher is located, I chide myself for not having already read this book (it is, however, on my “to read” list).

What I do know is this: “Chef Interrupted” is a highly rated and award-winning book. Also, I know through the local grapevine that the author’s speaking engagement at Seattle’s Swedish MS Center was widely attended and the reviews there were very favorable.

Also worth noting: In 2012, celebrity physician Dr. Mehmet Oz designated Gleason as the “#1 Social HealthMaker on Multiple Sclerosis” for his Life with MS blog and other social media efforts.

Gleason’s book keeps company with a solid list of others worth reading on the topic of MS. Because there are so many great titles out there, I’m limiting this list to 10 personal accounts that I have either read or know to be inspiring, powerful reads.

Read on: Need to Know: What Are Some Good Books That Feature MS?

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